Fifth Avenue Beginnings

The Fashion Foot

On August 2nd in 1824, Fifth Avenue in New York City was first opened as a thoroughfare. It would take only about 30 years for the street to develop into a stunning, exuberant residential area. Slowly, the area expanded and store fronts began to spring up along the avenue. By the turn of the century, the area was full of well-to-do folks, and many more store fronts were being built to appeal to their luxurious, fickle tastes. While the magnificence of Fifth Avenue is at its peak today, it was not always so vibrant and splendid.

The mansions built during the late 1800s were architectural masterpieces, but the commercial development of the turn of the century caused many of these beautiful homes to be knocked down and replaced with lavish, gaudy apartment buildings. As new industries like airlines, travel agencies and banks began move in, the area grew to be…

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